Double hung windows are one of the most popular choices in the modern windows and these are easy to use, good for ventilations, provide a wider view and therefore, is suitable for all kinds of spaces and rooms. But with these many benefits there are some drawbacks of the installation of these and before someone decides to install these at their home, they should be aware of both the pros and cons of the double hung windows.


This style of the window has been in the market for over a decade and is still very popular to go away soon. The benefits of these is as follows:

Saves the energy:

More and more homeowners are now moving towards the better insulation and energy saving solutions for their homes to reduce the bills and the double hung windows at Melbourne do this job for them because there is double locks installed in these which seals of the window quite tightly for the air to flow and there are specialized glasses available for energy saving such as the low E glass that could be installed with these. Due to this quality many homeowners install these in their air-conditioned rooms.

Better ventilation:

As the name represent there are double sashes in this window and based on your desire you could move the top or the bottom sash up and down and could control the amount of the air coming in and out of the house. These are very easy to operate and are suitable for all kinds of wear and tear.

Easy to clean:

Put the sash down and clean the side and then put the sash up to clean other side, this is how easy to clean the double hung windows. If the windows are situated on the floors where you need the ladder to clean the outside of the windows then these are perfect because you could rotate them and clean the outside while being inside the home.



Since these provide additional features than the normal traditional windows and therefore, these cost more than the traditional ones. But if you consider the pros then this is reasonably priced.


In order to ensure the durability and increase the lifespan of the double hung windows you need to clean these regularly, all parts of the double hung windows must be cleaned and locks should be lubricated to prevent these from rusting. Although the newer version of the double hung windows require reduced maintenance but still there is.

Leakage of the air:

If you compare the double hung windows with the casement windows then there is a possible leakage of the air from these windows but if you install the double hung windows well enough and lock it properly then the chances of the leakage of the air is significantly reduced.

These were some of the advantages and disadvantages that could help you in your decision of installing the double hung windows.