The answer is YES. Weddings are serious business costing fortunes and among the most expensive events to host, yet there are many ways to cut the extra costs and still have an elegant wedding. Here are a few ways to achieve this.

Location – Choosing a cost-friendly yet ideal location is one of the main ways to cut those extravagant costs. There is a norm in the business industry that whenever the word ’wedding’ is used when bookings are made, an added cost is involved than when making a regular booking. One way to avoid this would be to make the booking for a rather large party than stating it’s a wedding – this method only applies if the wedding does not have a large guest list. Or another way would be to choose a simpler location such an outdoor location which usually cost less.

Guest List – Keep the guest simple. Invite only those who you dearly want at your wedding and not just everybody; be very picky and think twice when making the guest list.

Wedding Cake – People tend to spend a fortune to get an extravagant wedding cake that end up not even being eaten. The better approach would be to get a nice and small wedding cake that sticks to the wedding event stylist and can be enjoyed by everyone. Extravagant cakes may look appealing but is one of the many ways we tend to over spend.

Catering – Choose a caterer and the menu carefully. Be mindful when deciding the menu, talk to the caterer, your wedding planner and the groom and avoid choosing foods that will end up not eaten at the end of the day. Cutting waste is also a very important step towards a cost-friendly wedding.

Decor– Wedding décor is another major part of the wedding that costs a fortune but ultimately serves no tangible purpose other than enhancing the beauty of the location. This is most definitely a way to cut those extra costs. Choose a simple wedding décor where not much work needs to be done and not much material is used. Using a wedding centrepiece hire Sydney for the centerpiece and decorating the rest of the location to match the centerpiece would be cost-friendly as opposed to hiring a florist to put up the entire décor. Even though it may seem impossible to cut costs when organizing a wedding, it is always important to remember that small saves adds up to a big save. Be mindful and get the support of friends and family. If it seems possible and if your organizational skills are excellent, try to organize the event yourself without getting a wedding planner. Set a budget and stick to it. Above all, remember that simplicity is always elegant.