The excavator has become the most useful machine in different industries. Especially when it comes to digging and excavating the ground, then you can imagine it without an excavator. The excavators are in use in our daily life, rather it is the city, forest or even mountain, you cannot imagine working without an excavator. Excavators come in different sizes and power, depending upon their use and area of excavation. With a strong engine to provide power, no excavator can perform with its most important attachment i.e., excavator bucket. Out of all the excavator attachments, the excavator bucket turns the excavator into a useful machine. No excavator will be complete with an excavator bucket. The second important excavator attachment is the excavator bucket teeth. The bucket teeth can be said as the most frequently changing excavator attachment.

Like if the excavator can’t work without the excavator bucket, the bucket will be effective with teeth. Also, there are different types of the excavator bucket. The variation comes with their function, surface to be excavated and shape of teeth etc. Not one excavator bucket can be fit for all the jobs. Here we will be listing some of the common types of buckets.

Digging Excavator bucket:

This is the most common type of excavator bucket. Because in most cases, the excavator is used for digging. The digging excavator bucket is usually bigger and has more depth than other types of buckets. Also, they have pointed hardened teeth. The digging excavator can be used for many purposes and so instead of changing the excavator bucket every time, they just change the excavator’s teeth. Because no single type of teeth can work for every surface and if the wrong teeth are attached to the excavator bucket, it can slow down the digging process.

Rock Excavator bucket:

The best use of the excavator comes when you have to excavate the rocky surface. The excavator bucket for rocky surfaces must be made from the fusion of multiple metals to provide it with extra strength and punch. Also, the excavator attachment like teeth for rock excavator buckets should be specially made with hardened material to provides that extra strength.

Clean-Up Excavator bucket:

The excavator is not only used for digging or excavation but they have very practical use when it comes to clear and levelling the ground. The clean-up excavator bucket is usually doesn’t go deep in-ground and have a wide body instead of deep. The clean-up excavator bucket should be a strong build as it has to push the debris or other things along the way. The clean-up excavator bucket is used for clearing the ice and making the path. The clean-up excavator bucket usually doesn’t have the same teeth shape or material as the digging bucket.