If you love cooking then I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be reading this since you’d rather spend your entire day messing up with butter and flour and trying a new dish for dinner every night. But sometimes even folks who love playing with recipes get tired. And for those who have a very pessimistic relationship with cooking and would rather stay homeless than walk in to a kitchen, a few tips would certainly be a life saver. If you think I’m exaggerating, trust me you’ll be thinking otherwise when you’re in the kitchen hoping for the pancake to fall from the ceiling.

Use Frozen Fruits And Vegetables.

One way we spend more time in the kitchen is by crying a river while we peel onions or almost slicing our little finger whilst slicing carrots. Whatever it is, all the chopping and cutting can take a lot of time, and since most dishes do require them in smaller cubes, we tend to spend half the day in the kitchen. Frozen veggies are neatly trimmed and readily available in supermarkets to make the work a lot less time consuming and I must say safe. If you’re having doubts about it’s’ health aspects, frozen veggies and fruits are processed right after harvest, increasing their nutritional value compared to the fresh ones.

Clean Before You Cook.

Make sure your new kitchens Perth is clean before you cook. You don’t want to over burn your roast chicken while you’re looking for the knife or worse, pour you soup in a plate cause all the dishes are in the sink. If you clean before you cook, you’ll know that all your cutlery items are ready to go, so wouldn’t have to leave your cooking halfway through in order to wash them.

Plus, when the kitchen’s clean you’ll automatically feel like cooking whereas if not, with a cranky mood, you’re bound to make a bigger mess and the cabinets under the sink installed by the kitchen cabinet makers are going to be filled with unwashed dishes.

Stay Organised.

Organising is the best way to increase efficiency, reduce stress, save money and a precious thing called time. It’s not just enough to get your kitchen installation in the perfect way possible according to your kitchen design plan, but you need to put some planning when you cook too. So same goes with cooking. When you start cooking and have got the ingredients, put them each in to separate bowls, and whatever that’s going to the pan one after the other like onions and garlic, keep them in the same bowl. Consider having a trash can next to you on the floor so you don’t have to back and forth from your work station to the garbage can.

Cook in Bulk and Bigger Batches.

You already hate cooking so how can you cook extra? Well, if you want to work less the other times then cook extra whenever you feel like you’ve got more free time. But do make sure the food you cook in bulk is one your favourites or you’ll be having them in the freezer for 265 years. So next time you’re arranging things in your cabinets, store salad dressings and marinades in jars as well, so every time you’re running out of healthy food, this can simply be an addition. Two mixes of what you like, check recipes videos to help you out, and you’ll have enough servings for two weeks.