In today’s world a laptop is a must have device. Whether it’s for work, studies, Netflix or internet browsing no portable device beats the flexibility and performance a laptop offers.

If you are already looking for a laptop you must have multiple brands in your mind such as Dell, HP, Acer or Lenovo. You must have also researched what specifications you want depending on your needs. One of the factors you have probably considered the most is price. Laptops don’t come cheap and they cost more than their full size desktop counterparts with the same specifications.

Save costs

When it comes to price one way to save money is to buy refurbished laptops Toorak. Refurbished laptops are laptops that have been returned to the retailer or manufacturer then they are renovated to be sold again. These laptops come from many sources such as businesses and universities. They can also be good as new as at times they are laptops that have been rarely used.

If you look carefully and take into account the following steps you can find yourself a good deal 

Look for one year warranty

Search for vendors that provide a one year warranty. Warranty is not just limited to new products even refurbished ones comes with warranty. Its best to buy a refurbished laptop that comes with a guarantee backed by the vendor. After all you wouldn’t want to be troubleshooting your laptop after a few days of getting it. In case you are not able to find a one year warranty one look for those with under a year’s warranty.

The difference between Certified and Refurbished

Some online marketplaces sell certified laptops. This means that the used laptops are tested for hardware and software and then reset to factory settings to be sold off. There are not refurbished laptops. There is no renovation done such as change of hardware parts. Do not confuse these with refurbished laptops. Sell often sell these products under vague terms thus confusing the costumers. Be at large and verify from your vendor whether this product is refurbished or certified. 

Check for upgradability

Computing needs vary from person to person. You laptop may meet your needs now but you may be looking for some upgrades in the future. If you want an upgrade in the future you should take this factor into account. Check whether your laptop has upgrade option like empty PCI-E slots, ram slots and storage extension.

Inspect your laptop right away

As soon as your laptop arrives inspect it. Your refurbished laptop and computer repair in Melbourne should look good as new. The keyboard should look like a new keyboard and the screen should be shiny and bright. The laptop should have minimal scratches if any. Ask your vendor to provide you with a condition statement that would list any cosmetic flaws.