Take note of the fact that children are so outgoing and so active that them getting injured and being allergic is a very common thing nowadays. No need to panic so much in such situations but rather take better action towards it.

What sort of allergy

Most children nowadays are allergic to pollens, nuts, almonds, eggs, and fish. If they get such thing even near them or if the allergy starts to react it is pretty evident since it develops a swollen part, itchiness, sneezes or fever. Or any such symptom which is wisely visible and which can be predicted easily.

How to provide first aid

Firstly, if it’s highly severe, consider calling 911 and ask for medical assistance as this results in swelling and trachea closes results in breathing to stop. Quick first aid needs to be provided. Or in some cases when it is not severe, use the medicated spray or medicine of anti-allergic this will surely help the person with fighting back to the allergy.

Making sure the child is calm is also a kind of first aid as it helps the child in curing.

First aid is provided when a child is having medical crises. Delivering first aid care to child is way more delicate and sensitive than it is to adults. It requires better understanding and dedication.

How  to administer

Recognize the child, try to inform at their home about the situation. Later tap on their shoulder asking if they are okay, ask what has caused them such allergy or any kind of situation.for infants, flick the bottom of their feet to get a response.

Check their pulse rate and look for breathing for atleast ten second and then call 911 for medical assistance. Ambulances and hospitals can provide the best assiatnce that no other person can, doesn’t mean you stop treatingg ignoring the person. This might worse the situation. Try to normalize the situation and make sure the child is breathing fine. Take them in fresh air and give them water to drink.

If none of this turns out to be favourable go for CPR. Maintain the air way and provide aid depending on the conditions it has, allergy, choking, faint and so on.

Lastly, it is advised for people to have first aid training. This is a situation that can cause anytime anywhere, hence it is better if the person is pre-prepared. It should have become compulsory for schools and colleges to give such training as this can turn out to be life-saving and it very beneficial and dominant in today’s society.

First aid boxers and first aiders and focused to be present in every school, colleges, and places where there are more likely chances of people getting ignored.