Building anything in life takes time whether it is career, house or a small project it took a lot time, effort and wise decision to make the right thing within the required time. People sometimes to make things early make wrong decisions rather than wait and make the right decisions specially when building a home processor must be conscious and well informed regarding the material which is going to be used, the main material which give the finishing is plaster. Plaster is the most reliable and useable product in construction there are different types of cements which is used by the builders according to the environment. It is thick which makes wall powerful and make the surface even so that when paints start on the walls will be even and neat.

Lime plaster: these plaster made up of little cement, lime and water which make the plaster more strong can be used on the walls, this is comparative lower in prices and give a proper even surfaces.

Cement plaster: by  its name we can understand this that it is purely mixed with water and cement only this use as a recover which means the walls which usually get wet or having leakage issues, this cement can sort this issue without much work you can try the effective boral wet area plasterboard. This cement is use to repair the walls and make them even like they never cracked before, they are use as weather and water resistant.

Mud plaster: this is cheap in prices as compare other plasters, they made up of little cement and more mud , if builder use it than it need two coats on the walls one is quite thicker and the other one is thick too but lesser than first one.

Stucco plaster: these are also called decorative plaster, because it is used to decorate the walls and make them more even, this is mostly use for sculpture looks because by applying this plaster there is no need to add on any other decorative material, in other words they can save the cost because one material fulfill both the purposes, it make the walls strong but this plaster need to be three coated so that it give good look. These three coats are scratch coat, the second one called the fine coats or brown coat and third coat called fine coat.

These all plasters mostly take more than 24 hours to dry meanwhile if anyone touches the wall will leave mark on it this is the basic error that owner might face when using the plaster but once it get dried it will remain on the same shape for a longer time period.