When we hear the word ‘Lawyer’ first thing which comes in our mind is ‘a black coat’, ‘a confident literate person debating for something which is right (and he knows it) against every corrupt person. Realistically things are a bit different from our imaginations, people usually generalize the definition of a lawyer very easily and the generalization does not end here, every legal area is considered to be the domain of “EVERY/ALL THE LAWYER”. Like in the field of medicine, specialization matters gynecologist, neurologist, general physician etc. all these comes under the gigantic field of medicine. Same is the case with lawyer’s field. So here are some unheard types of lawyers below:

Labor lawyers: we all are aware of labor unions in factories and organizations. That union is the representative of all the labors working, specifically labor lawyers deal with all the issues related to employment, state and federal employment laws etc. Job is not restricted that he/she has to fight for the rights of the labors but, any case against labors can also be attached in the domain of a labor lawyer. If any business has violated the rights of the labor; labor lawyer can steps in to save the situation. Drafting of legal letters, negotiation on behalf of the labor and remuneration package handlings are some common job responsibilities of a labor lawyer.

Corporate lawyers: they are highly paid lawyers handling few cases and charging high for those cases. Usually pursue high profile cases, corporate cases, handles mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property etc. Sometimes this type of lawyers focus on general business lawyers in Melbourne legal issues.

Finance & securities lawyers: everything related to compliance Securities and Exchange Commission issues are handled by finance and securities lawyer. Shares dealing, answering the complains referred by the ombudsman and SEC are some of the domains of an F&S lawyers.

Intellectual property lawyers: it’s not related to physical property but everything related to protecting the rights of the property. Areas which are mainly considered for the intellectual property lawyer are copyright, trademark and patent. Intangible issues related to the property are tackled by the intellectual property lawyers.

Tax lawyer: This sub field of law is quite common, because almost everyone submits the tax every year. Hence the need of a tax lawyer is a must, other than general tax filing issues, FBR complains and notices, IRS audits etc. are all comes under the job requisites of a tax lawyer. Most of the tax lawyers also plays a vital role during property transfer work and gift deeds to give better ideas to the client in order to get tax waiver and not to get caught stupidly in the trap of investigation bureau.

Traffic Lawyer: this is something rare and serious, drink and drive cases, driving without license and to fight the traffic related cases are few responsibilities of a traffic lawyer. Other than the above mentioned; there are so many other types of lawyers such as: Entertainment lawyer, Personal injury lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer etc.