Moving into a new place has a huge impact on our lives, the change can be both positive and negative. The fact that we have to leave all our friends to a less familiar location can be saddening and scary enough, but imagine having other issues in the new home? The thing with houses is that sometimes, underlying problems take a few days or even months to show up, so you never really know if the house you are buying or renting is worth it or not and you can’t exactly ask your landlord to fix the issue.

Here are a few places you need to inspect

1. ElectricityThis is something you can do by yourself, just go around the house switching on the lights and fans and observe them. If you find nothing wrong with this, then move onto the power outlets, charging your phone in each outlet is a fast and easy way to check if they are all intact.

2. Pest inspectionIt wasn’t until I moved into my house did, I realize that the place has mice, make sure that you ask your landlord for proof of the recent pest control treatments done to the house. You can also further check by looking into the cabinets and cupboard for any fecal matter and for any holes and cracks in the walls. Don’t get the house unless these issues are treated promptly, having pests can be disgusting and annoying and these issues are the last thing you want to deal with, especially with all the stress of moving in.

3. Check the waterCheck if there are any pipe leaks or slow drainage. Get your landlord to fix any leaks present. Most often you would need the help of a plumber to detect any internal leaks. They would probably conduct a drain camera inspection Melbourne on the drains to check for any possible rusting or clogs.

Ask your landlord for the numbers of any nearby gas and plumbing services and if possible, try to get a 24 hour plumber Prahran, so you won’t have to wait till the next day if you urgently need to fix an issue.4. WindowsCheck if all the windows are fitted properly and are opening and closing properly, improper windows can not only cost you a lot but can cause injuries. And finally, take a picture of everything before you move in and take a picture of the apartment after you move out so that you have proof that if something is broken it’s not your fault.