Food is very basic need of all living thing. Actually all living thing lives for food and let all every living them kept alive by food. There are many type and kind of foods which has been categorized according to the timings for an example what we have eats in morning is known as breakfast and what else we eats in after-noon is known as lunch and similarly what so ever we eat in evening or night is known as dinner. However, we can eat what so ever we want in every our breakfast, lunch and dinner but there are some specific food and drinks which if taken on right time would work more. Like we can’t eat proper sea food in breakfast because there are cereals for breakfast which are good for health in morning time and a cup of coffee or some people takes tea to make them fresh in addition, as morning time is normally a rush time this is why it is known as breakfast because it is the first intake we eat after long sleeping hours. Well I guess these are some basic things which we all know already so let’s start the topic.

We all invites guest all the time and we tried to offer them food or drink according to time. For an example you have invited your guests in morning time so it is an obvious thing that you offer them a breakfast or any light thing with some drinks as a host. Similarly, when you invite your guest in after-noon time than it is an obvious thing that you may offer them for a proper lunch with some specific lunch food items and so when you invite your guest in evening time than you must have to offer them for a special dinner with their favourite food dish or something special to them with drinks. Lastly, we some of the time invites our guest in start evening time like after half past five to quarter past seven this is the time when there is no any food category falls like you can’t offer your guest for either lunch nor dinner because this time is known as tea or snacks time so it is better to offer your guest some snacks with coffee or tea.

A host is one who wanted to give maximum respect to the guest as this is the right of the guest and what if we knows that what the guest like to eat and if we offered them the same food it might leave a very good impression on to guest. We all wanted to become a good host in front of our guests. If you want to make your guest happy than you must have to take a good care of your guest even more than yourself, this means that you may have to cook what they likes more instead of your own choice or what they demands for.

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