taste and smell

The qualitative fit testing has been referred to as that method which is deemed to be employed in connection with the half masks which rely on the very senses- such as the elements of taste and smell- to cause the detection of the air leakage with regard to the respirator. The half masks which are being tested a lot are deemed to possess the overall factor of it of 100 or the less.

substance is tasted

The test has been comprehended as relying upon the harmless, though bitter tasting elements of chemicals which are referred to as BITREX, this would be determining the pass status. Instead of measuring the amount pertaining to the leakage regarding the facepiece, the qualitative test would be determining if the face piece is performing its function. The clinics do propound that they perform the tests referred to as taste-only, the test is failed in case the bitter substance is tasted.

saccharin is the artificial sweetener

In relation to the people who could not perform the detection of the bitter taste, they could be offered saccharin in the form of replacement, saccharin is the artificial sweetener and the BITREX is referred to as the chemical that is associated with leaving the taste within the mouth referred to as bitter.There are clinics which boat about keeping their workforces as healthy in addition to safe with regard to the materials which are hazardous and remain within the air.

spray solution

The clinics, in conjunction with the qualitative fit testing, that have been talked on earlier assure carrying out the testing process right at the very door of the company. It should be borne within the honoured mind that the qualitative test fundamentally rooted in the ability of the client in connection with the element of smell, and/or perform tasting in connection with the spray solution or the very entity of smoke.

4 solutions

The earlier stated is generally achieved through the usage encompassing the following 4 solutions comprising the irritant smoke, the chemical of BITREX,as stated earlier, the banana oil or isoamyl acetate or the element of saccharin. As the first part pertaining to the test, the sensitivity test shall be performed in order to discover strength or the weakness regarding the taste sense, this is performed through the testing agent.

Atomized testing solution

Once it gets known that how well the solution gets tasted by the client, the client would be fitted with the respirator and the check associated with seal is carried out. Next, with the mentioned mask on, the client would be donning the hood, this would be sprayed with the testing solution that shall have been atomized. While the very smell inside the hood achieves higher and higher intensity, the professionals would be aiding the client through the very series comprising the exercises which are designed to carry out the testing with regard to the respirator seal.